Best Vlogging Camera Under 100 2019

Vlogging can be fun and entertaining for all to check out, but it helps to watch for what you’re doing when recording yourself. The fact is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a huge amount of money on a vlogging camera. This guide will help you find the best vlogging camera that you can get under $100.

The focus for finding a good vlogging camera is to take a look at how well the camera can record videos. While the camera adds a good look, the lens should also be capable of recording videos of the best possible cause.

You’ll need to see what technology is also available for your recording needs based on how your images will stay stable and easy to view. The quality of your best vlogging camera under 100 is very important to the success of your recording work and how you’re going to move forward with it.

Find the Best Vlogging Camera Under 100 2019

Longin Vlogging – Best Vlogging Camera Under 100

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You can start your search for a vlogging camera by looking at this model from Longin. The camera features a 2.7K Ultra HD sensor. The 3-inch flip screen helps you to direct how you’re going to take shots. The retractable flashlight also works well when you’re aiming to use flash or a steady amount of light when shooting movies.

The face recognition feature is also useful for your vlogging needs. The feature identifies facial features and digitally focuses on those points. This is to help you produce a better look when used well.


  • The 24-megapixel body produces a beautiful look
  • Wi-Fi connectivity works quickly
  • The anti-shaking design ensures the image stays beautiful even when in a mobile environment


  • Only works with microSD cards and not traditional SD cards
  • The on-screen menu takes a bit of getting used to

Comi Tech

Another 2.7K Ultra HD vlogging camera, this model from Comi Tech features a 24-megapixel sensor. You can use this to take videos at 30 fps. The white balance on the camera also adjusts based on the light conditions. You can use this with a cloudy or daylight design.

The electronic stabilizer feature will review the basic layout of your image and produce a virtual frame. This includes a frame based on the item you are trying to focus on. The stabilizer ensures shaking will not be a threat when you’re trying to take a shot.


  • The UV lens will not be impacted by harmful light conditions
  • Performs well in low light settings
  • Weighs a light 9.3 ounces


  • Only supports up to ISO 400
  • The battery lasts less than an hour on a full charge

Sunlea Digital – Another Best Vlogging Camera Under 100

Sunlea made this next camera with YouTube use in mind. The 2.7K Ultra HD sensor helps, but the built-in Wi-Fi feature is the most important point to see here. You can directly upload your shots and videos to a tablet or phone or other Wi-Fi-enabled device where you are.

The screen’s interface lets you find the proper places to send your items to. You can also use this to quickly upload content to a YouTube account linked to the camera. There is also support for many other prominent social media sites on this camera.


  • The 24-megapixel sensor records detailed images
  • Does well with low light conditions
  • The flashlight feature does not obstruct the lens or produce lots of glare


  • The directions are hard to figure out at times
  • Also supports a bunch of Chinese social media apps you might not have access to


The 1.35x wide angle lens is the most noteworthy feature of this vlogging camera. The detailed layout does well with handling more content, including videos up to 1920×1080 in resolution. The 1080p support works at 30 frames per second.

You also have the option to take photos at 1280×720 at 60 frames per second. You can use the convenient options menu built inside the camera to help you adjust the speed you’re working with.

The face detection feature also does well with monitoring the quality of the faces you’re trying to record. The design uses many digital autofocusing points to clarify the facial features.

This point is critical for when you’re aiming to produce a good video that isn’t too hard to view that has lots of detailed things all around.


  • Includes a 3.5mm port for an external microphone
  • The Wi-Fi feature lets you preview content through your camera
  • You can use single, continuous, or time-based shooting for your images


  • You need to format an SD card before you can use the camera
  • Takes a while for the battery to charge up all the way

Comi Tech – Affordable Vlogging Camera Under 100 2019

Your last choice to see is this Comi Tech camera that features a flashlight for external lighting purposes. The flashlight lifts up high enough to produce a good light that will not produce lots of glare in the lens.

The simple control panel on the tilting 3-inch screen lets you identify all the controls you want to use. Switching between video recording and basic photography only takes a moment.

There is no need to stress with focusing either. The autofocus on the Comi Tech camera works on many corners of the lens to produce a better all-around look. The 4x zoom also helps you with getting deep in the space.


  • Works at 30 frames per second
  • Wi-Fi support is easy to turn on and off
  • The automatic stabilizer reviews vibrations and shakes and produces a virtual border


  • The battery runs out in about an hour on average
  • No 60 frames per second option

Find the Best Vlogging Camera Under 100 2019?

All of these vlogging cameras are appealing to see if you’re looking for something of note. You should look at how well a vlogging camera works if you’re going to find something helpful and easy to plan out for your recording needs.

You’ll love the simple and unique featuers that come with these cameras for when you’re aiming to record things of all sorts.

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